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We're Nightglow Studio a local Vancouver LED neon sign business that makes neon lights for any business setting, wedding neon signs, or any phrases you can think of! Our goal is to brighten up Seattle with our neon signs!





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Custom Wedding Neon Sign

"It is exactly what I wanted and expected! Also excellent and fast shipping.. thank you!" - ANDREA S.

Custom neon signs have become an enchanting trend in weddings, adding a touch of vibrant elegance to the celebration. In Washington, particularly in Seattle, neon signs have captured the hearts of couples seeking a unique and stylish way to personalize their special day. Seattle neon sign makers skillfully craft dazzling displays that can illuminate wedding venues, reception areas, or photo booths with a mesmerizing glow. These captivating neon signs in Seattle serve as eye-catching backdrops for memorable photographs, allowing couples to infuse their love story into every frame. Whether it's the newlyweds' names, wedding hashtags, or romantic quotes, custom neon signs in Washington create an enchanting atmosphere, making weddings in Seattle truly unforgettable.

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Business Store Front Neon Sign

"The neon sign is high quality and perfect, BTW it looks awesome! Thanks for a great work again."

- Owner of Chai Pani Streetary

Infuse your business with personality using custom neon signs in Seattle. Custom neon signs have become an essential element in enhancing the ambiance of cafes across Washington, especially in Seattle. Neon signs in Seattle have become increasingly popular among cafe owners, who recognize their ability to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Nightglow Studio specializing in neon signs craft stunning displays that infuse cafes in Seattle with a vibrant glow. These neon signs, specifically designed for cafes, showcase catchy phrases, coffee-themed artwork, or the cafe's name, adding a touch of personality and charm to the space. Whether it's a cozy neighbourhood cafe or a bustling urban hotspot, custom neon signs in Washington, particularly in Seattle, are transforming cafes into Instagram-worthy destinations, attracting patrons with their captivating and stylish aesthetics.


Open Sign Neon

Custom neon open signs have become a popular choice for cafes and small businesses in Seattle. These aesthetic neon signs not only grab the attention of passersby but also add a touch of vibrant charm to the establishment. Seattle neon sign makers specialize in creating stunning custom neon signs that feature the word "OPEN" in eye-catching designs, tailored to suit the unique vibe of each business. Whether it's a neon cafe sign or an open sign for a boutique, these neon signs in Seattle make a bold statement, attracting customers and creating a welcoming atmosphere. With options like LED open signs and neon open signs available in stores like Costco, small businesses in Seattle, can easily find the perfect open sign to suit their needs and budget. Stand out from the crowd and let your neon open sign shine, signaling to the world that you are ready and excited to serve customers during your open hours.

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Custom Neon Sign

Illuminate your space and make a statement with custom neon signs in Seattle. Custom neon signs offer a fantastic way to transform a bedroom or home into a personalized oasis. In Seattle, neon signs have become a popular choice for adding a touch of ambiance and style to any space. Seattle offers a wide range of neon sign options, including LED signs, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a neon sign showcasing a favorite quote, a custom neon sign featuring a name or initials, or a neon light displaying a beloved symbol, these custom neon signs in Seattle allow individuals to express their unique personality and elevate their home decor. Beyond personal use, custom neon signs also make fantastic gifts for special events or occasions. With the ability to create a truly memorable and eye-catching statement, neon signs in Seattle have become a go-to choice for those seeking a distinctive and stylish addition to their living spaces or a meaningful gift for their loved ones.


    Wrap with Attitude! We've created a logo for a local Toronto car wrap company to brighten their workspace!

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  • toronto Markham scarborough Mississauga vaughan richmond hill north york ontario etobicoke liberty village distillery district

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Nightglow Studio is a local Vancouver LED neon sign business that makes neon lights for any business setting, wedding neon signs, or any phrases you can think of! Our goal is to bring back the old days where Vancouver was known for its neon signs in the city and make Raincouver a brighter and more vibrant place.

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